State of the CIO

The State of the CIO is a dynamic service, tightly woven in the business it serves.  The role of CIO (Chief Information Officer) continues to evolve in responsibilities, especially at the executive level.  Whether an IT executive carries the title of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO), one is witnessing a dramatic change!  The executive position now has the rare opportunity to be viewed not only as a cost center to an organization but as a strategic revenue-producing asset!

With the use of digital technology, IT is no longer just a liability but a competitive edge solution that brings revenue into the organization. Gone is concern over the book Does IT Matter? by Nicholas G. Carr written in 2004.  Today, there is a resounding YES!

State of the CIO ’07 from CIO Magazine

In January 2007, the CIO Magazine did a feature article on four archetypes:  Business Leader, Innovative Agent, Operational Expert, and Turnaround Artist.  Christine Leja, who was featured as the Operational CIO in the article, indicates that what has changed in six years is that the CIO is expected to have all four archetypes in their role to use digital technology as a strategic asset for organizations.