ERP Implementation or Upgrade Tip

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation or Upgrade Tip

Here are some ERP questions and recommendations to consider before you begin:
1. How vested are you in pursuing this endeavor?
2. Do you have an executive champion?
3. Are your business subject matter experts and IT staff allocated the time to do this project the right way?
4. Do you have an active executive advisory team that will be available from concept through implementation to handle executive level issues?
5. Have you conducted an assessment of this project that includes:
a. Define concrete outcomes to measure the success of the project
b. Establish the timeline
c. Explicitly identify the team members and their commitment levels
d. Determine corrective action plans should the project timelines slip
e. Define an exit strategy should an event occur that critically impacts the project
6. Do you have an oversight partner that will provide objective insight beginning with the assessment plan and continuing through the project?  (Note: The oversight partner can be an internal executive not involved in the project or an external colleague that can provide guidance on the state of the project at given milestones.)
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