CIO Services

CIO Services (Includes CTO and CDO Services)

Le Com Enterprises, Inc. is focused on assisting senior-level managers with planning, implementing and sustaining Information Technology (IT) services from a CIO Services perspective.  Whether the responsibilities are defined as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), or Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Le Com Enterprises, Inc. can provide executive and management level services.
Some key inclusive CIO Services are:
  • Strategic, Tactical and Operational Information Technology Planning
  • Information Technology Value Construct
  • Enterprise Software Management Planning and Implementation
  • Cloud Services Analysis and Assessment
  • Digital Business with Digital Technology
  • Social Networking Analysis and Assessment (Includes Web and Mobile Services)
  • Network Services Analysis and Assessment (Includes Bandwidth, Internet, Infrastructure, and Delivery Services)
  • Unified Communications Planning and Implementation (Includes Voice, Data and Video)
  • Project Management
  • Security Planning
  • Analytical Planning and Management
  • Help Desk Analysis and Assessment (includes Help Desk management process and In-house or outsourced service analysis)
A perpetual concern is cost.  Le Com Enterprises, Inc. delivers a valued service that is first defined in a jointly developed set of outcomes.  The process can be a matter of minutes or hours depending on the complexity of the requested services.  Know that Le Com defines the outcomes with you before executing our partnership.
Le Com has as its mission to deliver CIO Services services with quality and value.  Whatever your Information Technology need, Le Com Enterprises, Inc. will work with you to deliver your successful solution.  Contact us!

CIO (Client Information and Operations) Tips

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