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Below are some Le Com Enterprises, Inc. CIO Services News items and other news.

The Rise of Chief Digital Officers

AITP has posted an article by Christine Leja, CEO or Le Com Enterprises, Inc. on The Rise of Chief Digital Officers.  Will CDOs become common place or will CIOs deliver digital technology solutions?

Chief Digital Officer Responsibilities Report

Christine Leja, CEO or Le Com Enterprises, Inc. has posted a report on CDO responsibilities that explains the growth of the position and an explanation of the emerging responsibilities.  The CDO position may present some responsibility adjustments for Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Information Officers.

Le Com Enterprises, Inc. helps AITP find sponsors and exhibitors for the 2017 National Collegiate Conference (NCC) in St. Louis – April 6 – 9, 2017

Every year, the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), sponsors a National Collegiate Conference for University and College students.  Scholarships are awarded to students who win competitions and companies have the opportunity of interviewing outstanding IT students who seek a career job when they graduate.  Check here for more information. Here is a short article on the 2010 AITP NCC in St. Louis.

Christine Leja, CDP/CCP Appointed 2016 AITP Ethics Chair

Christine Leja will chair the AITP Standards of Conduct and Ethics Committee.  This committee ensures the association and its members meet the defined standards of conduct and manages the process that may require resolution.

CIO of Counsel Services in Banking

West Central Bank is receiving CIO of Counsel Services for their network infrastructure and to create an IT Strategic Plan.

Plan the IT Strategic Plan

Worked with Rich Bradt, Director of Internal Technology, at RubinBrown to plan the IT Strategic Plan and prepare a board presentation on the IT Strategic Plan.  Approval was give to proceed with the IT Strategic Plan.

Who Will Control the Internet after December 2012?

The World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) meets in Dubai December 2012 to update its 1988 international treaty.  The current draft document indicates a transition from a peer managed system to a UN centralized system.  For more information see the AITP article by Christine Leja, CDP/CCP.

Marketing and IT Partner to Meet Business Needs

Ten years ago, who would have thought that Marketing and IT would form a close working partnership?  To get a sense of the background, check out the AITP article by Christine Leja, CDP/CCP.  Would you like to hear more on the emerging partnership?  Send an email to

Jacksonville Art Glass Appreciates CIO of Counsel Services

John Krol, President of Jacksonville Art Glass, says that one value to us as a small business is the opportunity to have our own CIO available for recommendations and guidance.

Christine Leja, CDP/CCP Appointed 2012 AITP ARC Chair

As in 2011, Christine Leja will chair the 2012 AITP Association Recruitment Committee (ARC).  Association leadership candidates are sought to serve as officers or directors in 2013.

Christine Leja, CEO, Makes AITP Presentation

Christine Leja and Mike Fleming presented, “Mark-IT-ing, an Emerging Partnership” to the AITP St. Louis Chapter on Thursday, January 26, 2012.  To view the slides, click here.  The topic included:”Who would have thought that Marketing and Information Technology (IT) would be partnering so closely in the business world today? Technology is bringing these two forces together to deliver a firm’s message, products or services.  Social networking, social media, web services, and the Internet have brought these two very different organizations together to deliver the image of a firm or organization and to manage the business like promotions and sales dynamically.  Responding to customers is real-time.  Managing the new  consumerization trend requires IT expertise like never before.  Today, Marketing and Information Technology must partner to move their firm or organization forward.”

Research Papers with AITP CIOs

Christine Leja lead a collaborative team of IT executives who published the following AITP research papers:”A Management Perspective of Encryption Today
Managing the Information Security Process
Virtualization and its Benefits
Greening of IT through Implementing Server Virtualization“AITP is an Association of Information Technology Professionals.


Le Com has been in business since August 1979.  It’s first software products for the Personal Computers include:

  • Lady Penelope (Elegant recipes for that special dinner)
  • My Very Own Recipes (Store your own recipes and have the conversion capability between conventional and microwave cooking)
  • Smartcook (Recipes that convert between conventional and microwave cooking)
  • Ticket to the Kitchen (Recipes for children)

All recipes adjusted for the number of people to be served and existed for all platforms available during the early 1980s.  The Smartcook name was bought by General Mills and now has reverted back to Le Com Enterprises, Inc.Through work for Hyatt International, Le Com Enterprises, Inc. retained the software and marketing rights and produced Professional Hospitality and Culinary Management software.

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