Chief Digital Officer Responsibilities

Over the last year or two, Chief Digital Officers (CDO) are entering large organizations and reporting to the CEO to implement effective digital business services using all the appropriate technology to deliver products and services.  It is the responsibility of the CDO to execute digital technology solutions using the resources of the organization as quickly and effectively as possible.  Information Technology (IT) is showing up on the revenue side of an organization’s balance sheet and time-to-market is critical for maximizing profits!

But, what are the CDO responsibilities and why are large corporations seeking CDOs to innovate, transform, and deliver digital technology solutions for their organizations?  What happened to the Chief Information Officer (CIO)?  Why the need for a CDO who seems to be stepping on the responsibilities of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and CIO?  Why is a partnership of CMO and CIO not working?  Can you substitute other CXOs for the CMO and still have a need for CDO responsibilities?

CDO is the new hot executive topic!  Will the CDO have the authority to press timely business needs into CXOs line organizations?  How will competing business needs be resolved between the CXOs and the CDO?  Is the CDO position a long-term leadership role?  And, how will CDOs and CIOs roles be defined in their organization?  Have the CIOs somehow missed a business opportunity?

For more information and some analysis on the emergence of the CDO position, see the CDO report by Christine Leja, CEO of Le Com Enterprises, Inc.