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Le Com Enterprises, Inc. is a product and services company focused on CIO services (virtual and in person), CDO services (virtual and in person), IT Due Diligence, management consulting, Cloud Services, ERP consulting, and CIO of Counsel services.  Le Com Enterprises is focused on delivering Chief Information Officer (CIO) services and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) services that span from a single question to a full strategic plan, from sizing an IT project to implementing projects, and from identifying IT value to delivering IT value.

If you are an organization that needs research on issues, analysis on plans, IT assessment, assistance with IT planning, analytical studies, or implementation of IT projects like Cloud Services, Digital Business, Social Networking, Telecommunications or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Le Com Enterprises offers you experienced executive services that include research, analysis, documentation, and senior-level management consulting.

CIO of Counsel Services
CIO of Counsel assistance through Le Com Enterprises is Chief Information Officer (CIO) Services where you bring a question for discussion, develop pros and cons on a given concept, issue or service, ask a technology question, etc.  Here is a swift way to obtain information in concise sessions where length of time is determined by an organization’s need.  Do you just need to:  Reaffirm concepts?  Bounce ideas off an objective executive level manager?  Elicit your Information Technology value?  Formulate a CIO perspective on strategy, goals or objectives?  Construct a communications plan for strategies, IT value or IT projects?  Review your telecommunications infrastructure?  Identify the best electronic delivery methods?  Ensure security?  Demonstrate concrete Information Technology values?  Le Com Enterprises is the firm to contact!  Le Com will partner with you to deliver Information Technology value with premier quality.

IT Due Diligence
Most organizations need a periodic IT assessment or an advisory review to of their IT Services.  Whether a revenue review or a cost center examination, Le Com provides an IT Due Diligence Assessment ranging from a high level to a very detailed analysis of an organization’s IT Services.  Le Com will work with you to define your assessment outcomes, analyze your IT Directions, and provide recommendations to meet your business goals and objectives.

Cloud Services Analysis
Are you planning to use or augment Cloud Services?  A small investment in a cloud services assessment can reduce implementation and on-going costs and optimize the “go live” time to meet business needs.  Le Com Enterprises, Inc. has an inexpensive Cloud Service Analysis template to help you with an important business decision.  (Click on the Cloud Services web page link above for more information.)  Le Com Enterprises, Inc. also assists with analysis, assessment, planning, and cloud services vendor selection.  Contact us to learn more.

Executive IT Services
Areas of specialty include Information Technology planning, analysis, and CIO Services such as enterprise software, management consulting, cloud services, social networking, ERP consulting, web services, network services and telecommunications.  Le Com Enterprises services focus on senior-level executive research, planning, communications, and IT services implementation strategies with a range of involvement from answering a question to having a full partnership in delivering an organization’s Information Technology goals, objectives, and outcomes.

The Information Technology services include:

  • Strategic, Tactical and Operational Information Technology Planning
  • IT Value Construct
  • IT Due Diligence Assessment
  • IT Infrastructure and Applications (including ERP and CRM systems) Analysis
  • Management Consulting
  • Cloud Services Analysis and Assessment
  • Digital Business Analysis and Digital Technology Assessment
  • Social Networking Analysis (Includes Mobile Services)
  • Enterprise Software Management Planning and Implementation
  • Telecommunications Planning and Implementation

Le Com Enterprises, Inc. Differentiators
What differentiates Le Com Enterprises from a management consulting firm?  Le Com Enterprises provides CIO and CDO knowledge in partnership with you.  Le Com Enterprises has experience assessing IT Services and delivering on time and under budget at the executive level and throughout the Information Technology organization for the Information Technology Services you seek.

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